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Achieve a Smile That Reflects You

A Lifechanging Transformation

Our goal at Hopkins Dental Clinic has always been to give patients a stunning smile that they will be proud to show off in a manner that is both affordable and achievable. With a smile makeover treatment plan, our experienced doctors are able to use cosmetic dentistry to give you a smile that not only looks natural and beautiful, but is more functional and healthier. We only recommend procedures that you will actually need to reach your goals, and never perform unnecessary treatments. This smile makeover treatment plan can take anywhere from weeks to months and even years to finalize, but most of our patients experience an incredible transformation that improves their quality of life.

We Can Achieve Your Ideal Look

A large portion of a smile makeover consists of cosmetic dentistry procedures aimed at improving the look of your teeth, yet many of the treatments also provide functional benefits as well. Before we begin your smile makeover in Shawnee, OK, we will perform an in-depth consultation and examination of your mouth and oral structure. Using digital imaging, we can capture detailed pictures of your bone volume, location of nerves, tooth roots and condition of your teeth. We will evaluate all this information with you and go over what smile makeover procedures we can do to help you reach your smile goals.

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A smile makeover changes not only your teeth, it changes your confidence!

Our Team is Dedicated to Your Smile

Our smile makeovers are so successful due in part to our dentist’s experience and education as well as our commitment to advanced technology. Having been in practice for over 29 years, our team is passionate about helping the members of our community reach their dream smiles through smile makeovers in Shawnee, OK. Dr. J. Eric Hopkins is a member of many prestigious organizations and participate in over 50 hours of continuing education every year. In addition, we invest in proven technologies that make treatments more accurate and minimally invasive. With our CareStream digital technology and biological healing techniques, your smile makeover procedures will be gentler and heal quicker. After your smile makeover, you will experience a boost to your self-confidence and be able to enjoy life without worry or embarrassment about the condition of your teeth.

Get on the path to a rejuvenated smile with a smile makeover consultation.