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Rebuild Jaw Bone to Prepare for Dental Implants

Why You Need Bone Grafting

Jaw bone loss is a common problem in many patients who have missing teeth, have suffered from periodontal disease, or have had trauma to the jaw. Bone loss is a serious concern because it affects your appearance, the stability of your teeth and reduces the chances of receiving dental implants. When bone loss has occurred, the ideal way to repair the jaw and restore bone levels is through bone grafting. A stable and strong jaw is necessary for those who are interested in dental implants to replace lost teeth. Bone grafting allows our doctors to restore bone volume to your jaw to adequately hold the dental implant post. Bone grafting can restore bone levels and help those who have previously been told they are not candidates for implants take advantage of this permanent tooth replacement solution. Our doctors have the experience and technology available to restore your jaw no matter what kind of bone loss you may suffer from and improve the healing time, as well as results considerably.

Our Bone Grafting Procedures

The bone grafting process involves taking a small amount of bone from you or a donor source and adding it to the space left behind from an extracted or lost tooth. We will convert this bone to a sand-like granule material for placement and healing. This material will consolidate with the rest of the tissue and bone and eventually become strong enough to hold a dental implant post. After a healing period and once your bone levels are at an adequate level, we can begin the process of placing dental implants.

dental bone graft, Shawnee, OK
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What is a dental bone graft

Bone grafting procedures we offer include:

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Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

After placing bone grafting material, we often place GTR protective material around it. This protects and holds in place the bone granules, ensuring proper healing.

sinus lift, Shawnee, OK

Sinus Lift

The sinus lift is an advanced bone grafting procedure to make placing dental implants in the upper molar are possible by lifting the sinus membrane and adding bone granules underneath.

dental advanced technology, Shawnee, OK

Socket Preservation

After a tooth extraction, we will place bone grafting material into the empty socket where the roots once were. This allows for proper bone volume and a healthy, even jaw line.

dental advanced technology, Shawnee, OK

Ridge Augmentation​

We can add bone grafting material to the jaw line where bone loss has occurred to restore proper volume and balance to the mouth.

dental advanced technology, Shawnee, OK

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Taken from your own blood, PRP is your body’s own stem cells which is used to stimulate regrowth of bone grafting

dental advanced technology, Shawnee, OK

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

PRF is used to enhance the bone healing timeframe to allow dental implants to be placed. PRF is a biological material taken from your own blood and stem cells.

Begin your dental implant journey with bone grafting preparation today.