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Relief for Tooth Pain

Cleanse Tooth Infection with Root Canal Treatment

There are very few words in the English language that strike as much fear as the words ‘root canal’ illicit. This fear originated years ago when anesthetic did not work on a touch that was actively infected, but those days are long behind us. With today’s treatment methods, root canals are usually painless and low-stress procedures that are commonly performed in our office. Our compassionate team at Hopkins Dental Clinic is highly trained and experienced in performing root canals in Shawnee, OK, and can make you feel at ease when receiving this regular procedure to restore your oral health.

Symptoms You May Need a Root Canal

  • Constant tooth pain
  • Pain or swelling of the face
  • Recurring bad breath
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Tooth pain when chewing
  • Red, tender gums

The Root Canal Process

If a tooth is actively infected, we’ll first treat it with systemic antibiotics and possibly open the tooth enamel to allow us to medicate it directly. If these preliminary options do not cleanse the infection, a root canal will be necessary. A root canal refers to the nerves and blood vessels that are in each tooth, called the pulp. When a cavity penetrates this space, the bacteria causes this soft tissue to become inflamed and eventually necrose and die. This can often cause an infection of the bone and soft tissues surrounding the tooth, which leads to the painful symptoms you may be experiencing. Root canal therapy can also be needed on teeth which have been fractured. Root canals involve removal of the remaining pulp, cleaning of the canals and filling the space with a material called gutta percha. A filling is then placed to restore the bulk of the tooth prior to a crown being placed to fully protect the tooth. If a root canal is found to be necessary, it is the only way to save the affected tooth. The alternative is an extraction which leads to diminished function or aesthetics and a greater cost to replace with dental implants.

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Treatment of Abscessed Teeth

Gentle Care for Your Oral Health

Our dentist, Dr. J. Eric Hopkins, have years of experience performing root canals in Shawnee, OK, in a minimally invasive and gentle manner. Our goal is to make sure you never fear your dental treatment, especially root canals. With our timely and effective treatment, we will be able to end your tooth pain, save your tooth and prevent tooth loss or a spread of infection to other parts of the body. Through modern advancements in dental sedation, you won’t experience the discomfort commonly associated with root canals. With a healthy mouth, you’ll be glad you took the steps to improve your oral health and get back to living your best life.

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