Gummy Smiles - SHAWNEE, OK​

Gentle Crown Lengthening to Improve a Gummy Smile

Where Cosmetic Dentistry Meets Functional Benefits

At Hopkins Dental Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves to be happy with the appearance of their smile. For those who are unhappy with their smile due to excessive gum tissue giving them a “gummy smile” appearance, our compassionate team can perform crown lengthening cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the smile. With crown lengthening, we can reshape a gummy smile into an attractive and healthy appearance. Treating a gummy smile not only enhances your appearance, but this treatment also improves oral health. By removing the excessive gum tissue, we eliminate areas where bacteria can hide and thrive. This makes cleaning your teeth easier and helps prevent cavities from developing under the gums. Patients with gummy smiles often experience a significant improvement to the appearance of their smile and overall oral health after crown lengthening care.

Our Gummy Smile Treatment Process

The crown lengthening procedure for a gummy smile is fairly simple. Our doctors will gently remove excessive gum tissue from around affected teeth to create a balanced, healthy and attractive gum line. After the extra gum tissue has been removed, the remaining gums will be carefully sutured back around the teeth to allow them to heal at the proper levels. In some instances, we may need to remove bone beneath your gums to allow for adequate balance between the gums and teeth. Sedation options are often provided to help block sensations of pain and ease anxieties for those worried about their gummy smile treatment in Shawnee, OK.

  • Improved appearance of the smile
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Gives teeth the appearance of being longer

The Hopkins Dental Clinic Difference

At Hopkins Dental Clinic, our functional dental care melds with aesthetic cosmetic dentistry to give you a healthy and beautiful smile every time. We believe in providing our patients with good, old-fashioned small-town values from our state-of-the-art, tranquil practice. Dr. J. Eric Hopkins  is an experienced dentist who, with our experienced team, care about each patient and help the reach their smile goals.

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