Gum Disease Treatment - SHAWNEE, OK​

Proven Gum Disease Treatment to Eliminate Disease

What is Gum Disease?

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you should know that you are not alone—over half the American population is affected by this progressive condition to some degree. At Hopkins Dental Clinic, we offer tried-and-true gum disease treatment to rid your mouth of disease and create a healthy, fresh environment. Gum disease is an infection of your soft and hard tissues in your mouth caused by bacteria. The first stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is characterized by swollen, bleeding gums and bad breath. Gingivitis is curable if caught early, but if left untreated, it will progress to periodontitis or advanced periodontitis. This is an incurable condition, which can cause tooth loss and jaw bone deterioration, and can only be maintained with routine periodontal maintenance visits. Research has also revealed a link between gum disease and systemic health concerns like diabetes, stroke and heart disease! In order to keep you at your healthiest, our team always evaluates your mouth for signs of disease and offers effective gum disease treatment as soon as possible.

  • 50% of all people are affected by gum disease
  • 75% of those affected by gum disease do not even know it
  • 64.7 million Americans are affected by gum disease

What is Gum Disease?

At Hopkins Dental Clinic we believe in timely, effective gum disease treatment in Shawnee, OK, to keep you feeling and looking your best. Dr. J. Eric Hopkins is a member of the Oklahoma Dental Association and American Dental Association and offer comprehensive, patient focused care. Being in practice for over 29 years, we have the experience and seasoned skills to diagnose and eliminate disease with our gum disease treatments, including:

This gum disease treatment uses small instruments to access the area below the gum line, removing bacteria and plaque buildups that cannot be reached with regular cleanings.

An advanced gum disease treatment that accesses the bone below your gums. We will clear out bacteria, remove infected gum tissue and reshape damaged jaw bone to cleanse periodontitis.

Periodontal maintenance is a routine gum disease treatment that involves visiting the dentist every three months for a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums to ensure disease does not return.

Effective gum disease treatment from dentists who care.