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Rejuvenate Your
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Your Gums Protect and Frame Your Smile

If you have noticed a change in your smile or your teeth appear longer than they used to, you may be experiencing effects of gum recession. When affected by gum recession, bacteria and plaque around your teeth cause the gum tissue to pull away from the teeth, revealing the tooth roots below. Gum recession can be embarrassing to some as it makes their teeth appear longer, more yellowed, or creates gaps, but it also puts your oral health at risk. When your gum tissue recedes, tooth roots are exposed, leaving them more susceptible to disease and damage—even tooth loss. This condition can even affect teeth replaced with dental implants, potentially causing implant failure! At Hopkins Dental Clinic, we offer tried and proven gum grafting techniques to correct gum recession and restore your smile to its former beauty.

The Advantages to Gum Grafting

  • Aesthetic improvement to your smile
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • Halts further gum recession
  • Healthier teeth and implants
  • Improved gum and bone health
  • Boosted self-confidence

Our Gum Grafting Process

Gum grafting is an effective and time-tested form of treatment for gum recession. With gum grafting, we are able to restore your gums to healthy levels around your teeth and dental implants. By using your own gum tissue from the roof of your mouth or with donor tissue, our doctors will cover the areas affected by gum recession to create a healthier, even appearance. We are skilled in gum grafting techniques to ensure you get your ideal results the first time. We also offer sedation options for those who experience anxiety, to provide painless and anxiety-free appointments.

Trust in an Experienced, Friendly Team

Dr. J. Eric Hopkins is an experienced dentist who will do whatever it takes to make you feel at ease during your gum grafting procedures. From our serene office setting to our doctor’s friendly attitude, humor and unique office scrubs, most of our patients enjoy a positive dental experience. We are one of the busiest practices in the area, but will always make time for you and your family’s needs when it comes to preserving your smile with gum grafting in Shawnee, OK. Additionally, Dr. Hopkins is part of many professional dental organizations and participate in over 50 hours of continuing education every year, keeping them up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques.

Restore your smile with effective gum grafting treatment today.