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Meet Ashley Bledsoe Cook, D.D.S.

Ashley Bledsoe Cook, D.D.S.

A born and raised Oklahoma girl, Ashley Bledsoe (she retained her maiden name in tribute to her father who has only daughters) Cook is a 2003 graduate of Altus High School.  During her time at Altus High, she discovered her interest in the human body while taking an anatomy and physiology class.  However, Dr. Cook did not decide she wanted to pursue a career in dentistry until just prior to obtaining her degree in Applied Science from Western Oklahoma State College.  From her senior year in high school throughout her senior year in college, Dr. Cook was very involved in the Miss America Scholarship Program holding three different titles during this time.  This program provides college-aged women who participate at the national, state and/or local levels of competition, the chance to not only win tuition scholarship awards but also the chance to enrich their own lives as well as the lives of others. Through her participation in the Miss America Pageant System, Ashley was given the opportunity to become integrated into her community via her platform which she called”Save Your Smile”.  This platform allowed her to discuss the importance of continual dental maintenance as a part of every individual’s holistic care. She was able to speak to audiences of all ages at various schools, community clubs, and organizations across the state concerning the necessity for the retention and continued health of the natural dentition. The Miss America Pageant System also allowed Ashley to walk away from Southwestern Oklahoma State University completely debt free.  Following the accomplishment of completing her bachelor’s degree in Health Science, Dr. Cook was able to work as a dental assistant for a couple of years before attending the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry from 2010 to 2014.

During her experience as a dental assistant, Ashley felt fortunate to have been given this time to have hands-on learning as well as direct observation of the importance of a fully functioning, competent staff.  As a dental assistant, she quickly observed that every position is truly an asset and every individual is crucial to the functioning of a dental office.  Due to this experience, Dr. Cook has found that the accumulation of her experiences has greatly expanded her appreciation for dentistry as an art, science, and profession. Due to her fifteen year plus span of involvement in discussing the importance of proper dental care, Dr. Cook is a firm believer in patient education.  She truly feels that it is not a safe or fair practice if she assumes that the patient understands their own dental status including, but not limited to, each patient’s individual treatment needs, proper hygiene techniques and the oral cavity diseases as well as the processes of those diseases.  While in attendance at OU’s College of Dentistry, Dr. Cook was the American Student Dental Association’s historian, participated in the Staples Society and worked with underclassman as a teacher’s assistant. Dr. Cook enjoys teaching at the OU College of Dentistry as an Assistant Clinic Professor in general dentistry. Dr. Cook resides here in Shawnee with her husband, Kevin.  Ashley enjoys spending time with family, watching Netflix/Hulu and all forms of art whether it be going to a ballet, taking an art class, or just checking out local architecture and landscaping.  She also enjoys traveling and absorbing as much of the culture, traditions, and customs of the location no matter what the location. Dr. Cook sees patients Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 5:00 and Fridays from 8:00 to 12:00. 

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