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Meet Cristobal Urrutia, DDS

Meet Cristobal Urrutia, DDS

Dr. Cristobal Urrutia combines accomplished dental training with a genuine easygoing personality, both of which put his patients at ease.  He holds a degree in biology with a minor in Spanish from the University of Texas in Austin, his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from UT San Antonio School of Dentistry and he completed his dental residency via the Ohio State University General Practice Residency.  From a tooth ache through tooth restoration, you can expect excellence.   

Not only does he hale from south of the Red River being born and raised in Conroe, Texas, his family’s heritage is much further south from Chile, South America.  Dr. Urrutia is completely comfortable being addressed as ”Dr. U” for any who might feel challenged in the pronunciation of his Chilean last name Urrutia (you root tea ah).   His fluent Spanish greatly expands our staff’s bilingual availability for our Hispanic community.  We are fortunate for his desire to be transplanted to Oklahoma. 

Dr. U provides his personal best with every patient.  He credits both his parent’s work ethic example and his mother’s model as a nurse for instilling her standard for quality and compassionate patient care into his dental treatment mindset.  He likes getting to know his patients and learning their personal story.  Plus, he has a wonderful contagious laugh that he shares often.

He enjoys spending his time away from the dental office with his girlfriend, Romali, who is also a dentist currently pursuing her General Practice Residency at OU, and their dog Kiki.  He enjoys cooking, running, and playing soccer.   

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